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For over 46 years, S&W Expert Collision Repair has been the benchmark for exceptional workmanship and service in East Texas. From your first greeting to the moment your vehicle is returned, we ensure your experience is seamless and stress-free.

At S&W Expert Collision Repair, we continually update our equipment and training to stay at the forefront of the repair industry. In challenging times, choose simplicity and quality. Call S&W Expert Collision Repair.

Expert Repairs For All Makes & Advanced Certifications With:

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24-hour Wrecker Service

S&W Expert Collision Repair is proud to serve the greater East Texas area. We offer a 24-hour vehicle towing service.

Auto Body Services For East Texas

S&W Expert Collision Repair serves Lufkin and Nacogdoches as well as other local areas of East Texas such as Alto, Apple Springs, Broaddus, Camden, Center, Centralia, Chester, Chireno, Corrigan, Diboll, Douglass, Etoile, Groveton, Hudson, Jacksonville, Livingston, San Augustine, Wells, Zavalla, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Body Repair

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Repair times may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, a repair estimate is written and parts are ordered before your vehicle arrives at the shop. If an insurance company is involved, the company must accept liability before S&W will start repairs.  At the time of drop-off, repairs begin on vehicles with insurance clearance and parts available. Disassembly will show any "hidden" damage, which is handled as a supplement to the insurance company. After body work is completed painting beings, followed by reassembly,

possible calibrations, diagnostic scans, seat belt checks, and if necessary, road testing. Finally, the vehicle is cleaned before being returned to the owner. 

To whom do I report my accident?

Your insurance company or agent will collect the information regarding the claim and set up a claim file for you. He or she will provide you with a claim number to reference your file by and inform you how much your deductible is and also if your policy provides you with a rental car. Once your claim file is set up, S&W Expert Collision Repair will work directly with the insurance company adjuster ensuring your claim is handled efficiently and that the process is seamless.

How do I get an estimate?

We offer estimates in person at the shop or complimentary online estimates with our auto body estimating tool. This easy to use tool will walk you through the process and gather all the information we need to get you an estimate.

Do I need to obtain more than one estimate?

No, the state of Texas requires only one estimate by the shop of your choice. If insured, you are only responsible for your deductible.

Will my estimate include all new oem factory replacement parts?

The Texas Customer Bill of Rights states: An insurance company may not specify the brand, type, kind,

age, vendor, supplier, or condition of parts or products used to repair your auto, but they are not

required to pay more than a reasonable amount.

The insurance company may require you to pay the difference biased on your parts selection.

Do you work with insurance companies?

We work with most insurance companies. However, some insurance companies have proven to under

indemnify customers, in these circumstances we may require the customer to get involved in the


Our first priority is to you and your family by providing a safe and quality repair.

I already have an estimate from my insurance company, what do i do next?

If your insurance company has already looked at your vehicle, you can call us to schedule the repairs. We must start the repair process from the original insurance estimate. You can email us a copy, drop it off, or give us your insurance information and we can obtain our own copy of the estimate. From there, once the vehicle is dropped off for repairs, we will write our own repair damage assessment

and identify any additional damage unaccounted unaccounted for on the original insurance estimate

and send this report to the insurance company for additional payment.

Will S&W Expert Collision Repair contact my insurance company regarding my claim?

After you initiate the claim with the insurance company, we will

make every effort to facilitate the repair process with your insurance company. Since we are able to send the estimate directly to their claims office, your insurance company will review our estimate and a written approval will be returned to us.  This will allow us to begin repairs on your vehicle, with your consent, as soon as we receive approval.

Where do i get a claim number?

The customer will need to make the initial

contact with the insurance company in order to receive the claim number.

What is a deductible and how do i know if i have to pay one?

The deductible amount is established when you

purchase your insurance premium and may vary widely. If the repair is going through your insurance policy, then the cause of the accident will determine the deductible amount. Ask your insurance company or go through your policy to find out. If you were not at fault and the repair is going through the other party’s insurance, then you will not have a deductible.

When is my deductible due?

You are responsible for paying your deductible prior to picking up

your vehicle. The insurance check issued will be minus your deductible amount, if you have one. At the time you pick up your vehicle, you will pay the deductible amount. If you are expecting your deductible to be reduced or waived by insurance, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier and confirm prior to picking up your vehicle

What services does your auto body shop offer?

We offer a wide range of services including car collision repair, dent repair, auto painting, bumper repair, frame straightening, and more. We specialize in restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

What is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair is technique used to fix minor dents using a glue pull system that could possible

eliminate the need for refinishing. Our Collision Consultants will be able to evaluate your repair and

inform you if paintless dent repair is an option.

How long does it take to repair a car after a collision?

The repair time depends on the extent of the damage and the

availability of parts. We evaluate each vehicle individually and provide an estimate of the repair duration. Our goal is to complete repairs efficiently without compromising quality.

What if additional damage is found on my vehicle after repairs have begun?

S&W will attempt to work with the

insurance company to address any additional damage. Some insurance companies refuse to cover work

necessary to return the vehicle to pre-accident condition. S&W’s goal is to make sure all safety systems

are working properly and return the vehicle to customers so they are safe in the event they are ever in

another accident.

Will I need a check from my insurance company when I pick up my vehicle?

All payment must be made before

you pick up your vehicle. Certain insurance companies make direct deposits to S&W which streamlines

the payment process.

I have been hit by another party; and their insurance company has accepted responsibility for the damage to my vehicle. Do I need to have a check before I can schedule repairs?

It is best to have payment before

you schedule repairs when dealing with another party’s insurance company. If for any reason, that

insurance company refuses to pay for necessary repairs, you may have to file a claim with your

insurance company n order to repair the vehicle correctly. Your policy should give you certain legal

rights that do not exist through a third party’s insurance company. When filing a claim with your

insurance company you would be responsible for the deductible amount that is on your insurance


Do you waive deductibles?

Deductibles cannot be waived. To waive a deductible means to prepare an estimate charging for work not performed. This is never done and is illegal.

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